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A Birdie Said

Emotional well-being in a world in turmoil.

Living In Joy

when you want to be angry

Watching, reading, or listening to the news today is painful. We all come into the situation with our own perceptions and filters, with our own beliefs and experiences. We, by nature, tend to filter and follow news that follows our own narrative — our story about what we believe people are like and what the world looks like through our eyes.

No matter what you believe, you will feel pain, sorrow, disbelief, and anger about what you hear and see at some point; and as much as you might try, you are not going to easily change other people’s beliefs. 

In the face of this situation, we can become disillusioned and distrusting, and this will be demonstrated in our daily life by the thoughts we focus on and the words and behaviors that follow.

If you want to live longer, feel hope, peace, and joy more often, and positively influence into the narrative that you hear around you, read on.

With love,
Aunt Birdie

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